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Welcome to pooleparty. Here you will find graphics and tutorials of eighteenvision. It was gunshott first. But she needed a fresh start.
The posts will stay open. You will find my stock here. I did post some other things such as celebs but I found out that people came here for the stock. So that is what you will find here. this be my community for a long time. I not someone who has to have a new community every month. Because what's the point in making a community when your are gonne move soon to another. You don't need to make 100 communities just because you dont like your old one anymore. I don't mind people moving communities 2-3 times but more then 5?.
1| Comment when taking any. Credit when
using 2| No hotlinking 3|Do not redistribute 4|Do not alter unless I say you can 5|Do not repost my work and say you made it
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